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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?2023-05-05T13:45:11+00:00

We organize efforts to clean up messes in our and your community. If you or someone finds a mess that needs attention, you adopt it, and we organize the clean-up effort by providing the team, tools, and tech to pull it off. It’s that simple. A lot of hard work goes into it, but that is the idea.

How do I adopt a mess?2023-05-05T13:46:34+00:00

Fill out the form on our contact page, and we will discuss the mess you want to adopt.

How can I support the movement?2023-05-05T13:47:29+00:00

You can adopt a mess, you can volunteer to help clean up, you can make donations of funds or tools, or you can just clean up an area in your neighborhood and send us before and after pictures!

Can my company adopt a mess?2023-05-05T13:48:55+00:00

Absolutely! This program is perfect for companies that want to organize a team outing and get their hands dirty. Contact us, and we will take care of the logistics.

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